Hermes Project

The 100% owned Hermes open pit project is located approximately 65 kilometres southwest of the Plutonic Gold mine.

A haul road connects the two areas and access to Hermes is also available via a well-maintained road which connects the Great Northern Highway. Hermes was in operation from 2017 to 2019. While in operation, the Hermes deposit was mined as a conventional open pit operation. Mining activities concluded in May 2019, with processing of Hermes ore continued until the end of 2019.

The next phase of development at Hermes will encompass optimizing the Hermes project and advancing the Hermes South project, potentially as a combined operation.

Hermes South Project

The Hermes South project is located on the tenements encompassing the Bryah Basin joint venture, located approximately 85 kilometres southwest of the Plutonic Gold mine processing facility and cover an area of approximately 21,660 hectares (217 kmĀ²). The Company holds up to an 80% interest in the mineral rights that are subject to the Bryah Basin joint venture.