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Located in the Archaean Plutonic Marymia Greenstone Belt 800km north east of Perth, the Plutonic Gold mine is one of the largest gold mines in Western Australia in terms of cumulative production. Open pit mining began in 1990 until 2005 and underground production has been ongoing since 1995. Approximately 5.5 Mozs of gold has been produced from both the open pit and underground operation since 1990. Average annual gold production has been approximately 100,000 ounces since 2010. The Plutonic Gold mine is considered a relatively young operation compared to some of the other mines and districts in the State of Western Australia that have been in production, or have produced, for over 30 years.

Access to the Plutonic Gold mine is via five declines, four of which are located in the Plutonic Gold Mine main open pit and the fifth is located about 5 km east of the Main Pit at Plutonic East.

The Plutonic Gold mine has four active mining zones: Timor, Indian, Caspian and Baltic areas. The mill at the Plutonic Gold mine is capable of producing at a rate of up to 1.8Mtpa. Since the acquisition of the asset, mill throughput has increased gradually from approximately 800Ktpa to exceeding nameplate capacity of 1.8Mtpa.

Four Active Mining Zones

All mineral ore processing is carried out by a conventional plant with a three-stage crushing circuit feeding a semi-autogenous grinding mill and two ball mills.

The Plutonic Gold operations are isolated from major towns and cities and operate on a self-sufficient basis with material and goods shipped via the Great Northern Highway. Electricity is generated on-site by means of a gas-powered generating station which supplies all power requirements within the camp and the mill.

Surface Infrastructure

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